by William Shakespeare
Goodwood Theatre 166a Goodwood Road, Goodwood
April 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16 @ 7.30, matinees Sunday 10 @ 4.00, Saturday 16 @ 2.00, early Tuesday 12 @ 6.30

“Thee time is out of joint. O cursèd spite at ever I was born to set it right.” 

One of the most profound and enigmatic plays ever written, Shakespeare’s masterpiece has thrilled and intrigued audiences for over 400 years. What is it that continues to exert such a hold over us? 

Charged, by a ghost, with the duty of avenging the murder of his beloved father, crown prince Hamlet is driven to the brink of madness. Or is he? Shakespeare’s taut psychological thriller plunges us into the mighty battle of hate that ensues as Hamlet and his uncle – the new king of Denmark – struggle to penetrate each other’s mind. Timeless in its portrayal of people’s ght against corruption, and in its preoccupation with the uncertainties and dilemmas as the very heart of human existence, Hamlet speaks afresh to each new generation of theatregoers. 


Will Cox - Hamlet


Rob Croser - director

Hamlet poster