Caesar and Cleopatra

By George Bernard Shaw
April 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 at 7.30, Matinees April 6 @ 4.00 & 12 @ 2.00, early April 8 @ 6.30
The Odeon Theatre, Queen Street, Norwood 

“I will make all the men I love kings. I will make you a king. I will have many young kings with round, strong arms; and when I am tired of them, I will whip them to death. But you shall always be my king, Caesar: my nice, kind, wise, proud old king.” 

Egypt. 48 BC.

On campaign in Egypt, and pondering the riddle
of the Sphinx, the ageing Julius Caesar stumbles across the beautiful, young and capricious Cleopatra. Enchanted, he promises to turn the girl into a true queen for Egypt, and tutors her in the ways of power.

But Rome’s ways are not Egypt’s. Caesar quickly discovers that, while he may have conquered Egypt, he can never hope to rule Cleopatra. Childish, impulsive, irtatious, Cleopatra is her own woman – and a good deal more dangerous than Caesar realises!

Caesar and Cleopatra will be the fth in a succession of highly popular IT Shaw plays – Mrs Warren’s Profession, Heartbreak House, Pygmalion and Major Barbara.

Full of uproarious humour and challenging wisdom, this neglected masterpiece remains brilliantly topical in its criticism of the politics of revenge.