Bracken Moor

by Alexi Kaye Campbell
November 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 at 7.30, Matinees November 16 at 4.00 & 22 at 2.00, early November 18 @ 6.30
The Odeon Theatre, Queen Street, Norwood

“And so the machines took over and robbed us of some of the better things that made us human to begin with, the best of our natures and our imaginations.”

 Yorkshire. 1937.

Harold Pritchard is a wealthy, pragmatic mine owner, intent on sacking 140 miners for the sake of technological progress. His wife, Elizabeth, has been a recluse since the death of their 12-year-old son, Edgar, 10 years ago. They agree to a visit from their old London friends, the Averys, whom they haven’t seen since the tragedy.

When the Averys’ mystical 22-year-old son, Terence, becomes overwhelmed by the spirit of the dead boy – his childhood best friend – a host of old memories come to the surface, and everyone’s values are challenged.

Alexi Kaye Campbell made his name as a dramatist with The Pride in 2008, followed by Apologia (2009) and The Faith Machine (2011). Part ghost-story, part thriller and part intensely moving exploration of grief and responsibility for others, Bracken Moor premiered in London in June 2013.