The Magnificent Ambersons

by Booth Tarkington adapted by Rob Croser
April 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27 at 7.30pm, Matinees April 21 @ 4.00pm, April 27 at 2.00pm, early April 23 @ 6.30pm
Odeon Theatre, Queen Street

“Against so homespun a background, the magni cence of the Ambersons was as conspicuous as a brass band at a funeral.”

An Orson Welles cinema masterpiece and a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, this extraordinary story traces the fortunes of Major Amberson and his descendants – an upper-class Indianapolis family at the turn of the 20th century – and the tragic loss of love and money throughout the generations.

George Amberson Minafer, the Major’s arrogant grandson, is spoiled rotten by his adoring mother. When his father dies,
the return of Eugene Morgan – a wealthy automobile manufacturer, his mother’s childhood sweetheart, and the father of the girl he loves – shakes the very foundations of Georgie’s world.

As his jealousy begins to overwhelm him, how will Georgie survive, and who will save him?