Cry God for Harry!

adapted by Rob Croser from Shakespeare's Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V
The Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre August 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 @ 7.30 Matinee Saturday 12 @ 2.00 Early Monday 7, Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 @ 6.30

Palace or tavern – which educated King Henry V more?

Shakespeare's Henry IV plays, are considered among his greatest creations.  They depict the life of a nation from top to bottom – from king to beggar.  They also show the development of Henry's son, Hal, into the future King Henry V.

Henry V was seen by Shakespeare as the ideal king.  However, as a teenager, he led a wild, dissolute life, frequenting the taverns of London with thieves, whores and other disreputables, chief among them the greatest of all Shakespeare's comic creations – Sir John Falstaff. 

Hal's stern father, Henry IV – already riddled with guilt over his having deposed Richard II – is haunted by the fear that his son will lead the county into ruin.

Which of these two men will more greatly influence the wayward Hal, and help him achieve the transition from irresponsible prince to responsible king?

Drawing on four of Shakespeare's history plays, director Rob Croser has woven an enthralling play, which charts the education of Prince Hal at the hands of his two father-figures, as the new king remembers, and tries to find a way to bind his people together.

Every word in this remarkable theatre piece is Shakespeare's.

Cry God for Harry!